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My Kawaii Kandle

SKZ Mystery Bundle

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Can't pick between all the new Stray Kids items, You don't have too!.

Option 1: SKZ Set- 2 Candles and 3 Wax Melts. (Selected at random)

Option 2: 5 of the 8 Wax Melt Set (selected at random)

Option 3: The entire Collection (3 Candles & OT8 Wax Melts)

Please DM if you would like me to include your bias

Albums, Photocards, & Posters are limited and NOT Guaranteed. 

Benefits for Soy

It’s a biodegradable clean Burning wax. Soy Candles are known to burn slower and longer than other blended waxes. It’s free of Petro soot making it safe to burn around children and pets.